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Darbar Sahib Amritsar, Swaran Mandir


Ramgarhia Bungas (Towers) — Golden Temple Amritsar

Ramgarhia Bunga         Watch Towers         Historical Seat

The word Bunga stands for a place to live. During the Sikh Empire, several Sikh Generals and Royal Families got constructed nearly 99 Bungas in the walled city of Amritsar out of which the one constructed by Ramgarhia Missal (Sect) to provide accommodation to the Devotees coming to Golden Temple.

There used to be 22 watch towers around the Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) in order to keep a watch on the enemy (invaders). By the time 20 finished and only two towers adjoining Ramgarhia Bunga survived.

During the army invasion on Harmandir Sahib in 1984, these two towers were also badly damaged by canon fires. They were again restored to the original design.

On the ground floor of the Bunga, some rooms with balcony and a open space is there. The whole building depicts the rare work of Sikh Architecture. One big basement is also there, but the entry is restricted.

(The passage to the Ramgarhia Bunga,
Two Towers  and Historical Seat is from the Langer Side)

ramgarhia bunga towers in golden temple amritsar
Watch Towers in
Golden Temple Amritsar
Location of Watch Towers in Golden Temple Amritsar
Location of Watch Towers in Golden Temple Amritsar
an old rare view of towers in golden temple amritsar
an Old Rare View of Clock Tower in Golden Temple Amritsar